The Bicycle Works is a Fiscally Sponsored Project of Marin Link. Marin Link is the Marin County Non-Profit finding and fulfilling unmet community needs. Your involvement at The Bicycle Works helps support our mission as a community resource. This organization provides tools and instruction for bike repair.  We sell new and used bikes, parts, and accessories. Come check out our selection of electric-assist systems and cargo bikes!! Rent to own. Check out our Cargo bikes and our Retail Shop page for more info.

                                                                     The best way to be involved is to show up.

What's New..

 Cargo Bikes in the Wallstreet Journal

"The New Station Wagon" 

Read Jaquie Phelan's Article about TBW in the Pacific Sun! 

Check out our recent write up in      Urban Velo Magazine!

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We have piloted an e-cargo rental program! You can now rent an electrified cargo bike from us for a day ($40), for the week ($200). Half price for members!

We are renting 4 bikes. One electric V3 ODK Juiced Riders, one electric Yuba Boda Boda, one electric XtracycleEdgerunner and one Electrified Surly Big Dummy and a Falconer Electric Front Loader. These Bikes are awesome! They are the perfect entry point for everyday folks looking to use a bike for everyday transportation. Rental fees can be rolled into your purchase of any electric cargo bike we carry. Custom options available

Did You Know....

We now carry front-loading cargo bikes called Bullitts. Click the links below to learn more about the Danish Bullitts.


The Bicycle Works now has over 10 models of cargo bikes in the shop. You can come test ride all of them to get some ideas for customizing your own. 

We are very knowledgeable about electric bikes and electric conversions. Come to us with any questions you have about electrifying your bike or learn about our electric cargo bike options.


The Bicycle Works is a great place to get an Xtracycle conversion on your old clunker. 

  • Calling all bike/part/tool  donations!! We need you!...


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When I see an adult on a [unicycle], I do not despair for the future of the human race.
~H.G. Wells etc.


Welcome to The Bicycle Works!

 The Bicycle Works is Marin’s not-for-profit do-it-yourself community bicycle tool workshop empowering our community with knowledge, skills, tools, and materials for bicycle related activity with open workshops, classes and a space for creative collaboration. This is what we do:

  • Promote sustainable transportation alternatives
  • Provide a hub for creativity and collaboration
  • Sponsor forward thinking and innovative projects
  • Organize rides, tours and other activities
  • Maintain a safe and friendly place for people to come together, hang out, and get stuff done.

 2014 is about to come to a close. We have lots of new members and a growing volunteer base. There are several youth interns helping out around the shop and learning the trade, and more volunteers taking on important responsibilities. This means the organization is growing! We are also building out our new cargo bike retail space and custom build shop. With triple the square footage we are able to offer a lot more. We also now have three full time staff members dedicated to making your experience here awesome. 

Since the Bicycle Works opened in 2009 we have been increasingly promoting and selling cargo and electric bicycles. We do so because we view electric utility bicycling is an important transition technology centered around solution based innovation and social entrepreneurship. Were promoting design for a good example lifestyle. 

Sales of Cargo Bikes and Electric Bikes are on the rise. This exciting movement is getting people out of their cars now left and right. As a good friend of mine put it "These are not just daring young people [buying cargo bikes] but responsible adults with good jobs and families. " Its true. More and more people are coming to The Bicycle Works, your local co-op, and riding away with customized electric utility bicycles equipped to carry their families, run errands, and leave the car parked at home. One of our most notable electric/ cargo customers was the County of Marin. After 40 some years of driving gas guzzling trucks and ATVs for their daily patrols and trail work, the Open Space Department has decided to launch a pilot project with three electric bicycles from The Bicycle Works. This new direction for open space has come from a real desire on the part of the rangers to protect our environment and local natural resources by driving less. Inspiring? You can do this too, visit the shop to find out how.

Also... We still need folks to remember to renew your memberships. Membership contributions are crucial for maintaining The Bicycle Works as a community resource so come on by to renew and hey, bring a new friend or two. If you like what we do at The Bicycle Works just think, at $100 per,  500 members would cover the operating cost each year. 1000 members would make The Bicycle Works a thriving and lasting community institution.

Here is a great video by Liz Canning all about the growing trend in utility cycling: 

And here is a video by Emily Finch about how bicycling has changed her family's lives: 


And here are some promotional videos made by volunteers for the shop:


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We now have several front loader bikes in stock Including Bullitt Bikes.

Take A Look at this inspiring short film on Cargo Bikes in Copenhagen:

Copenhagen Cargo Bikes from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

The Bicycle Works is currently funded entirely through memberships donations and sales.....

Donations of bikes, parts, tools, or money etc., will be very helpful and gratefully received!!!

Learn how else you can help by checking out our: Wish List!

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Show your support by clicking the button below to donate via PayPal! The Bicycle Works is a project of MarinLink, a California 501 c(3) Non-Profit. All donations are fully tax-deductible!

We are open to the public 11-6 Wednesday-Sunday

Closed Monday & Tuesday!

Subject to Slight Variation...

The Shop will be closed Saturday May 24th and Sunday May 25th for The Kinetic Sculpture Race.

Check out our Retail Store for more info on the products we sell... come in to get one of our shirts only $20 Bucks.

Ready to park that car? Cargo bikes allow schlepping people and gear with the greatest of ease... More...

The Bicycle Works' classes were funded in 2010 in part by a grant from WalkBikeMarin. We now Need More grant funding to do additional classes, workshops and events programming. Tell your wealthy friends. Why not support 

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